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Okay! So quite a few people have been asking me to tell the story of how Brett proposed. It’s a rather long story—though wonderful— so I thought it best to explain it all here! So here we go…

So back in May I got an email from a fellow photographer friend of mine who holds a special place in my heart—Amanda McMahon. Amanda had taken me under her wing the past 1-2 years while she was living in FL and let me work with her on many weddings and some engagements sessions. AH what a blessing!! (She moved up to Maryland a few months ago and I hadn’t been able to see her since.) Anyways, she emailed me saying that she would be in town August 1-3 and wondering if maybe, just maybe, she could shoot Brett & I, due to her “needing couples in her life” since the move to Maryland. I of course accepted and then remembered I had to ask Brett. He acquiesced…with quite a few reservations because he is so shy in front of the camera. So we made plans and I told Amanda how awesome it would be if we were engaged by then (we had been talking about it) and the photos would work as engagement photos. So 2 months goes by, and many romantic moments… and nothing. I was kinda frustrated I must admit. I never imagined he would wait as long as he was and perfect moments seemed to go past us. When the day of our session came and we still weren’t engaged I had some frustrations…hahha. I tried not to, but it just seemed SO perfect to have my dear friend be in town to take pictures of us, yet we WEREN’T engaged! ahh, but I did a lot of praying and found peace in exactly where I was at that moment. God is good is He not?!

So the shoot was scheduled for the BirdSong Barn in Titusville, A wedding/Reception Venue built by Titusvillian hands for their daughter— and now open to the public. It’s beautiful! So Brett and I get there and we took quite a few pictures that Amanda set up. Then Amanda brings us in front of the altar where the ceremonies would typically take place, and had Brett hug me from behind for a few of the shots. Amanda had me close my eyes— for what I thought was a romantic “look” she was going for— but what I didn’t know was that she was hinting to Brett that the time was now. She came over to fix my hair—it was “stuck in my earrings”—and while she was doing that, I did not even notice Brett step away from me. When she finished, I turned around quickly, realizing Brett was gone. When I turned around I saw him staring at me, down on one knee, holding up a gorgeous ring… ahhh I screamed, and shouted “No wayyy!” I was SO surprised!!! I almost forgot to say “YES!”  He was so adorable and excited—he almost put it on my right hand, haha! I couldn’t believe that they had tricked me all this time!! The photography session was Brett’s idea all along! From the very beginning he contacted Amanda about bringing her down to shoot our engagement and keeping it super seccret to me. They TOTALLY succeeeded in making me think this was all Amanda & my idea… geesh. So amazing!!! Not only did we get engaged with an amazing photographer & friend to witness and photograph, but we took engagement photos there, right on the spot. Ah.

We are SO happy. This has been a while coming. It has been so amazing seeing everyone’s reactions of joy and thanksgiving! We are so blessed to have such an amazing body of friends & family around us. So for now, I leave you with a Sneak Peek that Amanda posted for us… Go check out her site! She’s wonderful & has the best spirit :)
Thank you SO much Amanda! We love you!